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  • New Pages from Malaak Comic

    Mar 17, 09 • 418 Views • Latest NewsNo Comments

    There are some additional pages to the Malaak comic by Joumana Medlej here.

  • 12 Angry Lebanese Men

    Mar 2, 09 • 1502 Views • Latest News1 Comment

    Check out the latest play by prisoner inmates in Roumieh prison. From BBC By Natalia Antelava Roumieh Central Prison, Beirut Magdi has spent 15 years on death row, waiting for his execution in an airless, overcrowded prison cell. The jail where his life is...


    Mar 2, 09 • 527 Views • Latest NewsNo Comments

    SALWA ZEIDAN “IN LIGHT” Salwa Zeidan Gallery reminds you that the exhibition: Salwa Zeidan “In Light” continues until Thursday 12th of March, 2009. If you did not see “In Light”, please come and visit the gallery for the...

  • New from Mariam Yakan

    Feb 25, 09 • 576 Views • Latest NewsNo Comments

    Mariam posted new work on her blog. Check it out:

  • The basic set of problems

    Feb 25, 09 • 1453 Views • Latest News2 Comments

    In my opinion, there isn't enough dissemination and activity in the art field in Lebanon . The domain is more or less stagnant...

  • Welcome to the new LebRecord

    Aug 22, 08 • 5602 Views • Latest News1 Comment

    Welcome to the new website of We hope you will enjoy the new look and the new services provided. This has been an ongoing effort to bring together the new technologies to the Lebanese art scene and the poliferation of artistic information over...

  • Lebrecord Art Exhibit in New York

    Oct 23, 07 • 1005 Views • Latest NewsNo Comments

    Lebanese Art Exhibit in New York: Official Press Release Photos from the Reception The Reception was held on Friday October 19, 2007 at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. Architects from Lebanon & Russia share “Narratives” NEW YORK –...

  • There once was a house in Nabatiyeh

    Sep 16, 06 • 524 Views • Latest NewsNo Comments

    Artist Abdallah Kahil lost three decades’ worth of work in the final hours of a war he played no part in waging. By Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Daily Star staff. September 13, 2006 When Abdallah Kahil decided to return to Lebanon after 25 years in New York,...