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  • Fresh Paint at Show and Tell Gallery

    Oct 9, 09 • 428 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    “TheKidBelo putting the final touch on his installation,” shares Simon Cole. “Love, Strength, & Soul opens this Friday between 7 – 11pm at Show & Tell Gallery. The exhibit is looking amazing!”   Back to LebRecord Home Page  ...

  • Nancy Rosin

    Aug 10, 09 • 302 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    Nancy Rosin‘s Work is somewhat unique...

  • Bryce is Nice

    Aug 6, 09 • 278 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    You definitely must check out the sketch books of Bryce. It’s simply raw talent

  • Everything is Illuminated (2005)

    Aug 5, 09 • 343 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    I highly recommend this movie. This is one of these movies that you keep thinking about after watching them for quite some time. Elijah Wood stars in this movie, and Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello, one of my favorite musicians, (By the way, I saw him on stage...

  • L’homme Moderne

    Aug 4, 09 • 364 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    L’homme moderne, poster by Emmanuel Polanco...

  • The work of Heidi Taillefer

    May 10, 09 • 650 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    Heidi Taillefer’s work is an original creative fusion of classical figurative painting, surrealism, contemporary realism, and mythology combined with popular figurative traditions ranging from Victorian romanticism to science fiction. It is consonant...

  • 9th Art Show of Armenian Artists

    May 5, 09 • 4649 Views • i Art Scene1 Comment

    Palais de Bondy – Lyon, France 07/05/2009 – 21/05/2009 49 Armenian Artists will exhibit about 400 artworks in the lounges of the Palais de Bondy in Lyon, France. Artists coming from France, Europe and Armenia, they will once again show the variety...

  • The work of Russ Mills

    May 5, 09 • 786 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    Today, Russ Mills first solo show in London opens. I found his work pretty intreguing. Check out his website here:

  • Intersting work in Flash

    Apr 12, 09 • 597 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    Hello Monday has interesting work and an interesting website. The flash work is unique. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Check out some of Thomas Beale Work

    Apr 10, 09 • 729 Views • i Art SceneNo Comments

    Thomas Beale, a New York artist, has various intersting works ranging from sculpture to architecture. Check out his work at his website: