Exhibition: Lebanon through Harry

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Exode organized an opening for the solo photography exhibition “Lebanon through Harry” by Harryson (Missak) Atamian on the 12th of April, on view until the 30 of April 2014.

Studying political science, Harryson (Missak) Atamian found himself indulging in books, books that had nothing to do with his major, books that teleported him into a different world of images and photos where he fell in love with photography.

“Lebanon through Harry” was initiated when Hrair (Harry), his father, shared Harryson’s (Missak, Harry’s son) passion and offered him a Medium Format camera, a manual non automatic. And so Harryson ‘s journey began.

Every Sunday, a road trip to different areas in Lebanon, haunting for images, visions and photos, like a child of his, he took it upon himself to develop the negative film.

And just like driving a manual car, he drove his eye through the lens so they became one, his finger became the trigger and he, well drifted into a world of black and white.


Why black and white? Because it’s dangerous world, delicate, gentle yet very specific, in which one shows true talent in dealing with surroundings, light, exposure, speed and focus.

A science of its own, a manual image, in which great photographers demonstrated their vision, and Harryson Atamian , affected by them, wanted to capture true talent in black and white in his own vision.

Exhibition runs till 30th of April 2014.

Exode Ashrafieh, Accaoui Street opens:

Monday till Friday from 11am till 6pm and Saturday from 3pm till 6pm.


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