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About the Artist: Karim Sakr is a Lebanese Photographer whose work focuses on documentation life through the everyday life.  He is originally a Lebanese industrial engineer specialized in food industries whose passion made out of him a professional self-taught photographer.

His style reflects the person that he is: adventurous, curious, well organized and as he says “finally, lucky…”

Street photography, which he considers extremely hard to master, is what he excel in.

His objective is to document, through a street photo perspective, the multiple social issues endured on the streets of Beirut…


LR: Hi Karim.

KS: Hello Maroun

LR: First, please tell us a little about yourself and how you got interested in photography.

KS: Well as I said before, I am an industrial engineer specialized in food industries. Friends and family pushed me to get a small camera because they couldn’t believe the photos I took back then (in 2009 & 2010) were with my phone’s cam…


LR: Your main playground as it is possibly called is the city of Beirut and the area of Hamra specifically. Why is that?

KS: Mainly because I am a Beiruti living in the Ras Beirut area in which Hamra Str., a neighbor barely three minutes away from where I live is an important commercial, cultural and touristic hub…


LR: You compare your work to that of Bruce Gilden, and I find that interesting. I personally find Gilden’s focus on the unusual, the outcasts, whereas your work seems to have more on characters that are essential to the fabric of society in Beirut, those that give Beirut its special character. Correct me if I am wrong.

KS: You are totally true. The comparison involves the technical aspect and approach, not the subject(s). He pops out from nowhere with a handy flash which he uses to impose the element of surprise on passersby. It’s not what i do! My priority is to wander around unnoticed…


LR: What are your recent activities?

KS: I cover specific cultural and social events. The Rose House is one of them…
I mainly do street photo but also love shooting deserted buildings and street portraits.
My street photo work got exhibited in France as part of the Photomed 2015 photo festival.


LR: Will you be having any exhibitions soon?

KS: Yes, hopefully. There’s the upcoming Photomed 2015 Lebanon Festival which will happen in 2016’s first quarter. There are other (2016) exhibits too…


LR: I would like to know what specifically attracts your attention. Do you only wander around the city and capture what rises your interest, or do you theme your work? Or maybe it’s a combination?

KS: It’s both actually. My Hamra street photo project is still on and I can never predict when it will end… I am in the meantime working on other themed (mainly social) personal projects…


LR: Any last words?

KS: I just want to thank you for that interview.

LR: Thanks Karim, it was a pleasure. We will keep the news section updated with your latest.

KS: Thanks again! Much appreciated.


General Info about the Artist:
KS: Karim’s address on the web is:  karimsakr.com
Email: hello@karimsakr.com
Phone: 03 86 99 47

Karim Sakr


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