Featured Artist: Mohammad Seifeddine

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Mohamad Seifeddine was born in the Chouf area in Lebanon. He has a B.A in Architecture from the Beirut Arab University, a Diploma in Interior Decoration from Harcourt University in the USA and a Masters in Business Administration from MECAT University in Lebanon. Photography for Mido (Mohamad Seifeddine) started as a hobby at the early age, and over the years it turned into a lifetime passion. He views the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such he often uses the tools of modern photography – filters and digital enhancements – to try to capture in an image the emotions he felt at the moment he tripped the camera’s shutter. He participated in several exhibitions, and he currently teaches Graphic Design at MECAT University. His favorite quote is that by Ansel Adams: “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into” and always says that he tries to let people look into his work not at it.

LR: Hi Mido.

MS: Hi Maroun.

LR: First, why don’t you tell us a bit about you and how you got interested in photography?

MS: For me, photography started as a hobby at the early age of ten. I taught photography courses for several years at the university and over the years, it turned out being a lifetime passion.

LR: I want to start with a question about one of your recent expositions with the ministry of Tourism, and the Safadi foundation, the Save Our Station campaign. Tell us a bit about that.

MS: Well it all started when a group of friends and I were visiting Tripoli for a photoshoot and we met Mr. Elias Khlat who talked to me about the “ Save our Station “ and I told him that I am very interested to help in that noble cause, after that 10 photographers were selected, I was one of them, and went to the old railway station for shooting and I was so glad that a photo of mine was chosen as the event Poster and another one also was chosen for the campaign launched in Paris.

LR: You come from a background in architecture, interior design, and business administration. You have also taught Graphic Design as well. How did the transformation into photography occur?

MS: Actually it is not a transformation, I see it in a different way… I was involved into photography since I was a kid , entering the field of Architecture and Interior design enriched the “creative” side and I was also fond of Graphic design and I see this whole mixture very related to each other because all of it is always the big title “ Arts”

LR: Tell us a bit of what interests you in concept shooting.
MS: Concept shooting is a way of approaching photography for me; it takes my work to a new level…i believe that taking photos in not only for the pleasure of the eyes… photos carries emotions, feelings they are thoughts that convey messages to the viewers…

LR: You use different enhancements to reflect your personal emotional feelings at the moment of capturing the photo. It is a somewhat an expressionistic approach to photography. Tell us a little about this process.

MS: Since we live in the digital era, and technology gives you every day something new to expand your horizon… why not to use it as long as it helps you to deliver the message that we were talking about….why not?

LR: You are working on a book to be published this year. Tell us a bit about that.

MS: Actually yes, hopefully it will be published this summer… I am doing it with a dear friend of mine , she is a romantic photographer Ms Dina Hilal… the book carries a relaxing message and some great shot that takes you far away in a meditating mood.

LR: What are your other upcoming projects?

MS: Actually, I am handling now 4 big projects in the advertising field, shooting for some very famous clients in the market and preparing an exhibition with a big artist covering a theme that is very important to introduce to the Lebanese society …. I will be giving more details later when things are more clear because we are still in the planning stage.

LR: Good then, please keep us updated on the workings of this event. Any last words?

MS: I was to thank you deeply from my heart for your interview and for letting me appear on lebrecord.

LR: Thanks Mido, it was a pleasure.

MS: Thank you

Mido Photography’s address on the web is: www.mido-photo.com

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Phone: 009613881833

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