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From unforeseen endings come dramatic beginnings. Plat 3.0 invites projects, images, essays, and manifestos, which explore the discursive opportunities that emerge in the wake of collective disruption. In a time characterized by rapidly shifting conditions and perpetual crises, contingencies and opportunities to innovate emerge. Such moments lay the ground for radical change. Free from the constraints of the established doctrine, architectural and urban practice find new frontiers where experimentation is not only allowed, but demanded—where temporary breakdown establishes new, lasting thresholds for design and research.

With this in mind: What are the limits of urgency and agency? Where is the relationship between speed and production? How do rapid changes in topography, geography, and movement produce new territories for architecture? When can architecture extend the potentials of the boiling point to make lasting change? What was yesterday unimaginable is now perfectly plausible in the call to action embedded in disruption.

Please submit abstracts, scholarly papers, photographs, drawings, prints, media projects and other such philosophical explorations to by February 14, 2012 for consideration. (See for guidelines.)

Register by: 02-14-2012 / Submit by: 02-14-2012

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