Kerb Journal 2012: Call for Submissions

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Speculative narrative and the potential of imagination are important factors in creative production.  It is considered that a multitude of small stories are the “quintessential form of imaginative invention1”.

Speculation through narrative offers an apparatus through which we may investigate the concept of ‘reality’. Immersed within our current understandings, speculation is influenced by our contemporary condition. In these fictional dispositions, the variables and constraints of ‘reality’ can be controlled, omitted completely or utilized as key motives for the foundations of new territories.

Speculative Narrative can be an exploration of idealistic scenarios, the fossilization of information, or the creation of fantastical realms.

This allows the model of design to move beyond problem solving, crisis management and project liberation from the constraints of our existence. The augmentation through speculative narrative, enables the reshaping of current processes, understandings and disciplines.

Speculative Narrative makes it possible to redefine ‘present’ and ‘future’.

Kerb is an annual cross-disciplinary design publication produced by the RMIT University School of Architecture and Design in Melbourne, Australia. Kerb is a progressive design journal focused on contemporary landscape architecture issues from an international and national perspective.

1Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition. 1979

Kerb 20 is seeking submissions of essays/projects/ artworks/ stories etc to:
by 4 May, 2012

For more information regarding submission requirements please visit our website

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