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Mary Porta’s Review of British High Streets spells out the crisis point that Britain’s town centres have reached and the urgency by which we have to act if this social and cultural asset is to be protected from irreperable decline. Whilst Portas report was being written, a new culture started to emerge in the shadows of Europe's largest indoor shopping centre, in East London. Waltham Forest Council commissioned a group of forward-thinking designers to revive the local high streets. 2 years on, the spiral of decline has been reversed. Here, amongst shopkeepers, pavement cafes and family-run businesses, Waltham Forest Council are investing to breath new life into the heart of the local retail community. So far we have seen the installation of jolly new shopfronts, colourful facades, magic animated lighting and elegantly paved trottoirs as a backdrop to the lively bustle of the high street. Businesses have started to invest in their retail outlets again and locals have a renewed sense of civic pride. In a final push to prepare the neighbourhood for the London Olympics, we are now looking for some aspirational young designers to help us complete the task.


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