La Spezia Arsenale 2062

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Re-Thinking a city in 50 years from now


La Spezia, year 2062. The young Chinese provincial new governor Liu Jin Dong, after the complete change  of  the  Maritime Arsenal, finally given to the city from the Italian  Ministry of Attack, asks for help and for  creative ideas to designers from all over the world, in order to re-think and renovate this massive area no  longer in use. By now buildings and open spaces are overwhelmed by very tall weeds and shrubs, while the  few old military ships are sinking into the bays. After The Big Recovery, immigrants and tourists are coming from the sea, but there are no more spaces where to sleep or have a good dinner of local mussels’ dishes. What can we do with these ancient buildings?  How can we put people back into an area as big as the city itself, in a rational and green way? These are the questions of the new administrator, pushed by young in need to jump into the sea, in front of  their own homes.

Organizing Associations and objectives

The La Spezia Arsenal 2062 Competition is launched by two associations: Wenext and  Murati Vivi di Marola, during the Florence Liquid.Lab Festival from 9 to 12 of  May 2012. Competition’s aim is to receive from participants an idea about reusing the area of Italian Navy’s Arsenal of La Spezia. All the submitted proposals will be showed in an exhibition during the last session of  Liquidlab Festival in Florence from 18 to 21 October.


The competition’s request is a renovation project for all areas of La Spezia’s Maritime Arsenal, assuming a  future scenario in which a really important and strategic military zone could be merged with the urban center.  Every way of expressing the idea of the project is accepted, as long as it follows the rules of  submission explained later. Ways of representing the project are free as well as no specific scale drawing is required.  Written and graphic documents about the site are not a required  base for the project. There’s no specific  request about the new use for open spaces and buildings inside the boundaries of the Arsenal. The Arsenal  of the future could also be an integration of military and civil functions.

Internet site, email and site documentation

Web address for site documentation is: On the same site faq will be published from time to  time. Please send your question to this email address:
Closing date for submitting questions on the site is 31 August 2012.


La Spezia Arsenal 2062 is an international Concept and Design Competition open to everyone. Projects can  be submitted by a single contributor or by a team. The same person can’t be in more than a team. The same  person cannot participate alone and in a team. Every participant, being a team or a single, can submit only  one project.

Competition Brief in English (PDF)

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