Lebrecord.com is a website dedicated to the visual arts in Lebanon and how they interact and relate to the visual arts at large. We are the first arts online magazine dedicated to visual arts. We have been online since January 2007. The aim of lebrecord.com is:

  1. To disseminate information about the arts in Lebanon
  2. To highlight the work of Lebanese artists.
  3. To explore various projects and engage the public.
  4. To keep the Artists and public informed about what is happening on the art scene in the country and abroad.

The divisions of the website:

1- Interviews: The Interview section explores the work of a Lebanese artist every once in a while. lebrecord.com showcases a sample of the artist’s work, conducts a brief interview, and then discusses the work on a forum dedicated to this section. If you are interested in featuring your work on lebrecord.com, contact Mr. Maroun Kassab at mk@lebrecord.com

To be featured on this section, your work must have an artistic value, and must pass lebrecord.com committee’s evaluation. Whether you are a young or an established artist, if you meet the set criteria, lebrecord.com will feature your work on this section. lebrecord.com mission statement is geared towards the dissemination of information, and publicizing the works of Lebanese Artists.

2- Latest News: This Section features the latest news in regards to the Lebanese art scene. It deals with events that pertain to Lebanese artists, in Lebanon and abroad.

3-  iArt Roll: This section provides vital information about current art and architectural competitions and opportunities around the world.

4- Events: The events section keeps you up to date with the current artistic events taking place in Lebanon today.

5- Aggregator: This section features the latest from Lebanese artists. It aggregates post from their relevant websites and blogs and links to them in this section.

6- Calendar: The lebrecord calendar is one of the best features that you can have for staying up to date with all the artistic events in Lebanon. You can submit your events and have them added to our calendar by sending an email to our editor at mk@lebrecord.com

7- Links: Do you have an interesting link for a Lebanese Artist, or a Lebanese Art related site or blog. Let us know, and we will add this site to our link list.

Advertising on lebrecord.com

Interested in advertising on lebrecord.com? email us: mk@lebrecord.com

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